Dirt on my shoulder

"It's fake. You can tell because the shape of the aquarium is a rectangle. Real jellyfish would tear their bodies on the corners. So, real ones have to be kept in circular tanks." "That's right, you studied biology." I cut myself off and noted that I sound like a post from r/iamverysmart. Everyone who made … Continue reading Dirt on my shoulder

A man called Alice

"I'm bored." For a second, I wasn't present. I used to admire pictures of Gwangan when I was applying for EPIK. The illuminated bridge was not just the background of my laptop but a metaphor. Bridging my life to something more interesting, adventurous. Now I was there, chainsmoking, trying to forget the set I just … Continue reading A man called Alice

29 Days

I'm 29 days sober. And so far, not drinking has done nothing to fix my life. I feel unworthy and damaged. In Japan, I felt awesome. I felt strong, independent, and that I could do whatever I  wanted. It was a vacation high. I want to blame my misery on my location. It'd be so easy to just say that I don't like Korea. But that's not the truth.