It happened again. Where I was vulnerable for 5 seconds and I got it. That feeling where I was going to shit myself of jealousy but I knew it was physically impossible because I hadn't eaten in over eight hours. I had to grab my bag and barge through half the crowd in Ulsan's new … Continue reading Oreo

A note on minimalism

I went to the dentist the other day. He asked me if I spoke any Korean. I said no. He carried on the rest of the appointment in Korean. He gave me a mirror to witness how swollen the back of my gum was. It was his way of telling me it's not a cavity. … Continue reading A note on minimalism

29 Days

I'm 29 days sober. And so far, not drinking has done nothing to fix my life. I feel unworthy and damaged. In Japan, I felt awesome. I felt strong, independent, and that I could do whatever I  wanted. It was a vacation high. I want to blame my misery on my location. It'd be so easy to just say that I don't like Korea. But that's not the truth.