I want my mom

I keep envisioning one of my third grade students sneezing an avalanche of snot into his hands and wiping them onto is matchy sweatsuit outfit as I lay in bed seemingly dying.

I am sick. Sick af. That’s what I get for realiably not washing my hands (in my defense, that water is always freezing and most of the time there’s no soap). 

At this point mouth breathing has become a way of life, so has applying chapstick to the outskirts of my nostrils.

I have used an ENTIRE roll of toilet paper for tissue. I am on season 6 of Archer, a series a started maybe 4 days ago. My adventure in Korea this weekend has been an internal one; developing antibodies my body never knew existed before. Wow, I am courageous and growing more resilient. 

I think I may order another pizza. Peace. 

Me and this tissue box became closely acquainted this past Friday.

3 thoughts on “I want my mom

  1. So sorry those nasty kiddo germs got you. It is an occupational hazard. Wish I could bring you some chicken-less noodle soup or hot tea. Hope you are getting some extra sleep. Love you, my little Kleenex clumping Caitlin!


  2. Hi . . . it’s your Aunt Judy here. I love the photos you posted, gives a real sense of where you are sans the kleenex box. Yes, antibodies are a good thing but sorry you were sick. You look like you are assimilating well, and experiencing Korean life. So proud of you.


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